About me

A picture that really reminds me of my childhood. I spotted this exact innocent look as a child.

Hi there!

I’m not sure how you landed here but hey, you are just where you are supposed to be at this very moment (and probably, many more moments to come).

My name is Charity Mutio and I’m a warrior….oops I meant a warrioress. Is that a word? So yeah, I go to wars in my village, I wear animal skins and I’m always carrying a spear. Wow! You’d definitely like to meet me right? Okay, I kid sometimes. But you’re too archaic if you fell for that and I think I like you too. I love all things archaic from crumbling castles to forgotten ruins to stories from 1840. Why aren’t we living in that age?

Speaking of age, how old are you? Do you ever feel like you’ve been here longer than your years? Me too. I mean, I just turned twenty ( though everyone says I look 15….WAIT, WHAT? Everyone says I look 15!) but I feel like I used to go fetch water at the river with my grandma when she was just a girl.

I’m just an ordinary girl who never fits in because she’s always standing out. Like when my peers were falling in love and drooling over boys, I was busy building a glass castle around myself. When they were jumping up & down heading back to college, I was thinking of how I’d get to China and learn kung fu from the real masters. And while my friends were gossiping amongst themselves, I would be fantasizing about making my first public speech. I’m that one girl…..

who is deeply in love with ice cream. I’ve been waiting for him to propose for years. If it wasn’t for my immense loyalty, I wouldn’t be this patient with him. (I’m willing to wait a few more years) Though I’m the most impatient person I’ve ever met. I have trouble sitting still for a period of time and waiting is always a real torture.

Did I mention OCD? I’ve had that thing for as long as I can recall. I would have a constant urge to count (in my head) to a certain number without interrupting myself. Like I’d be seated anywhere and a strong urge would creep up on me and not faze out till I counted to 60, 100 or 150? Just any number that came up on my head (I preferred those ending in zeros) and if something distracted me, I’d have to start over. I’ve also been a pretty neat girl. I can’t stand having something that’s not in order. I can never sit still if a curtain, cover or sheet is not straightened out. I cringe when someone folds something with the edges not aligned. I guess it makes me a bit of a perfectionist. I can’t even go past a misspelled sentence or bad grammar. I just can’t help it.

Now, here you’ll find a diverse number of topics. Ranging from depression, love and poetry to inspiration, faith and pure randomness.

Whooh depression? Yeah. I battled depression for a period of 4 years. 2 years straight with a year’s break of elation moments before another 2 years straight of depression, then my ultimate healing. Confused? Okay, lemme explain.

I had bipolar disorder, a mental disorder that triggers the brain to have depressive and elation episodes at ranging intervals. In depressive episode, you are on a down low with zero motivation to do anything while in elation episodes you feel like you can touch the sky, like you rule the world and you could do really crazy stuff when elated.

You can catch those times I ran away from school here, here and here. When I tried committing suicide here and here. Yeah, it was that terrible 😦 And much so when my father decided to disown me. To get a feel of how depression feels like, read this post of my very first depressive episode. Or this one here describing it. It wasn’t heavenly being home with everyone else in school. I remember a time I got terribly sick on the day of reporting back to school. At some point my mum even tried to transfer me to a different school but two amazing things happened. I’ll be posting them soon. Be sure to check them out up here.

Later though, I transferred to a private school which was so cool, it opened my eyes to a whole different world. I got to view life through a new lense and learnt a lot. During my stay here, I was on an elation roll. I whirled through life. I got in trouble several times. Like this time we prompted police to come to the school during our final exams. I also encountered police at this party I had been invited by a crush I had had since forever. It was my hugest crush ever, be sure to check it out 🙂 Speaking of crushes, have you ever had a crush on your cousin? I’ll be posting how to go about that when it happens.

Well, there is so much stuff here to keep you occupied for the rest of your life. And here’s the catch: none is boring. You’ll probably love the time I ran away from home only to rethink it at the bus stage (quite emotional though) or that other time I ran away to a distant city only to freak out at night and call my mum crying.

Wait a second, I’ve been rambling a lot. My apologies, I’m a rambler (that a word, ey?) Maybe you didn’t come here to read my memories. Was it love that brought you on my lane? Okay, here you go: find love this year and know why you’re not meant to be. Or would you like to date online? Maybe you have exhausted everyone around you and you’d like to expand your horizons. I got you covered. Here’s how to hit those dating sites like a pro!

Head on over here for a pick me up anytime. If you are feeling low and need a hoist, there’s a range of inspiring posts.

I also write stuff (apart from blogging). I’m into creative non-fiction, mystery and poetry. I have yet to be (not sure they will ever be) published books. I’ll post snippets on here (then head on over to see if I can get them published…..GULP). I used to write dark poetry as an avenue for my pain when I was depressed. You can find some here, and there’s more to come. (Not all will be dark poetry). And I read mystery books, anytime all time. There’s something eerily thrilling about mysteries. Have a mystery book you absolutely loved? Give me the title (and preferably a copy) HERE pronto!

NOW, if spiritual reasons brought you aboard, I’m honoured to help you draw closer to God with these tips, and give you the ultimate ways to pray like a saint and have your prayers answered. You should probably check out the reasons why God says No too. I would never be here without God. He has brought me this far and I’m humbled by His grace in my life. He is the reason Roses and Thrones came into being and I would urge (and possibly nudge) you to believe in Him. You will never regret it, not even once. Head on over to the faith section, you’ll definitely feel livelier.

Lastly, I’m really friendly. I have a heart of gold. (Kidding. It pumps blood). If you have any questions about anything, need incredibly wise advice on something that’s bothering you, or just feel like saying hi…..come on now, don’t be shy. Talk to me. I promise I don’t bite 🙂