Genius tricks to dating online like a pro

Online dating is pretty common nowadays. There are a million dating sites to go with and everyone is giving it a go, including your favourite celebrities. With the number of people successfully meeting their soul mates online, you may be prompted to try your luck. But what with all those people out there, how do you even go about it? How will you sift through them to your perfect match? You may wonder. Here are genius tricks to dating online like a pro:

1. Be real

They always give you the option to put up your profile picture and your name. Don’t hide behind some shady image or use someone else’s picture to try to impress people. They will fall for the person in the picture or be put off by the image you will use. So be real and be you. Flaunt your loveliest picture and let that someone fall for the real you. Your name should also be your real name, or you can use a name that describes you. Avoid sexist names or ambiguous names. These could give a wrong picture of you and turn off a potential love.

2. Telling lies

You could tell lies to impress that person you just met but it could come to haunt you later. Act like you are actually talking face to face and say the things you would have said then. Do not lie just because the other person is far. What will happen if you grow closer, begin dating and the truth comes to light? Will you be able to take back the lies? Will the person trust you again? Stay away from the lies and if they ask a question you feel obliged to lie about, do not answer. Giving no answer is better than telling a lie that will haunt you later.

3. Do not share deep information

This is a no brainer but at the same time it’s the biggest mistake people make. If you just met someone, you may think that they are a safe avenue and soon begin pouring out your heart to them. Until you know who they truly are and are sure about them, do not tell them deep stuff about yourself. They could use it against you. Remember, the internet is as powerful a great tool as it is a destructive one.

P.S. This includes sending them your pictures.

4. Don’t trust everything you see

This goes hand in hand with #3 above. You should hold everyone you meet online at shoulder length. You can never be sure of what lurks behind that screen (until you are sure of course). Screens lie, so you should be wiser. Take everything you are told with a pinch of salt. Love takes time, so should trust. Take your time to trust anyone no matter how cute their picture is or how sweet their words sound. You will thank yourself later for taking the time to know them.

5. Ask as many questions as you want to learn about

You might be scared of asking questions. You may wonder what they’ll think of you if you keep asking questions. Truth is, only serious and genuine people will stick along if you ask questions. Ask about anything you are curious about, don’t be left guessing. This will also be a plus on your side because they will realize you are serious and if they are not serious about you as well, they’ll run!

6. Be sure of what you want

And don’t be afraid of saying it. Actually, this is the biggest tip of all. What kind of person are you looking for? Tall, cute and funny or just a caring white guy? Know what you want and don’t settle for less. Most sites give you the option of including what kind of person you’d like. Don’t fall yourself short. Write it all out and trust me, 90% of those who will hit on you will be the exact type you are searching for.

7. The predators

Just as there are many great people online, so are there as many sex predators. Some people are online solely for sexual gratification and you’ll definitely encounter a number of them. They may first come off as people with serious intentions but in no time, they peel off the sheep skin and you see the wolf within. Do not entertain these perverts, they have nothing better to do with their lives. Beware and stay as far away as possible when you encounter someone who seems to be with sinister motives. They will only use you and disappear as soon as they appeared.

8. Don’t let the distance intimidate you

You may fall for someone who is a thousand miles away and the doubts of ever meeting them will weigh you down. That should never be a cause for worry though. My mum always says that it’s only mountains that never meet. And that’s true. The distance should never intimidate you. What matters is the love in between, it’s the bridge that will close the distance.

9. Have fun

Life is just too serious to go on about love with seriousness. Let yourself go and just have fun. Flirt as much as you can, and enjoy every moment of it. That’s how you taste the real fun of love.

Ever tried online dating? Know a trick that I’ve left out? Share it in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesome stuff 🙂


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