7 Ultimate signs that you're not soul mates

Do you ever wonder whether he really is the one? Maybe you like him and he likes you too but still there’s that nagging feeling at the back of your head that makes you doubt your connection. Or maybe when things are not going so well you find yourself asking if you really are meant to be or he’s just another passing cloud. Well, here’s a list to clear your doubts and get it all figured out. Ultimate signs that you’re not soul mates:

1. No trust

Do you both trust each other? Or are you always guessing whether the other person is telling the truth or not? Trust is a major block in relationships. If you hardly trust each other, that’s a red sign that you may not be soul mates. Lack of trust drifts both of you apart as you’ll always have doubts about each other. You also begin thinking that the other person is cheating while in reality they are not.

2. Lack of openness

When you are open to each other, you can talk about anything and everything. If you have certain things though that you hide from your spouse, that’s a clear sign that you are not open to each other. Does he know your deepest darkest secrets and do you know his? If not, well…..that’s red sign number two.

3. Future goals are at par

We all have future goals. Do yours intertwine or in absolutely different lanes? You could want something that’s the total opposite of your spouse’s. Maybe you want to travel and have no kids while he wants to settle down as soon as possible and start a family. If your plans for the future do not face the same direction, you might have trouble getting along.

4. Nothing in common

For two people to come together and stay together, they need to have something in common. Something that they have a genuine passion for and could spend hours on. It could be a certain sport, hobby or subject. It’s something you could both get down to when you have nothing else in mind. Having a common ground is also the foundation of a great relationship. It’s really hard to get along if you have nothing in common.

5. Nothing to talk about

Know those awkward kind of silences? Even the best of us experience them. But there’s nothing frustrating than having nothing you could talk about with your special one. It’s actually worse if it’s a frequent occurrence. It may go something like:

Him: Hi

You: Hi, how are you?

Him: Fine. You?

You: Me too

Silence. Silence. Silence. Ten minutes later.

Him: I just wanted to know how you’re doing


You may feel good that he’s thinking about you and he texts you, but if that’s how your conversations go, you’re both going nowhere.

6. No love

Many relationships are bred on lust with both partners blindly thinking it’s love. There’s a huge difference between love and lust though they are mostly confused. What first attracted you to him? What are your chats centered on? If the only thing that keeps you close to each other is sex, then you should carefully analyze that relationship. You could be basically lusting after each other and not actually in love, which is not typical of soul mates.

7. You are drawn to other people

Does one or both of you find yourselves drawn to other people? What’s the thought that crosses your mind when you see a strikingly hot guy? Are you instantly attracted to them? Maybe wishing they’d notice you or you were dating them instead? What about your partner? Do they give other pretty girls more attention than you? Well, think about it. You could be glazing those eyes on the wrong guy.

What do you think? Have other signs to add to the list? Don’t keep them to yourself, add them in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe 🙂


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